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I want to be there….

Many of my close friends and family know the last four weeks I’ve been on a transforming life journey. Here I am, almost 30, finally seeing my life come together. I finally have a job I love, friends I can trust and rely on, full familial support, a healthy son and husband, and I am working towards complete financial security also. It has taken me a long time to get here, but here I am. The only thing missing has been my health. I take, on average, 5-7 different medications, daily. I am tired, all the time. I sleep, all the time. Despite my sunny disposition and ‘you can do it’ attitude, my body has been failing me for years, especially the last few months. The worst feeling in the world is for your brain to say, ‘let’s go do this,’ and your body to say, ‘hell no, go back to sleep.’ It creates a depression and begins to negatively impact every aspect of your world.

During the night of April 7th, I finally decided, with the support of a friend, enough is enough. I hit my rock bottom so to say. My health is declining, my waist size inclining, my mood inconsistent and my energy unreliable. Every part of what is inside of me is being forced to the background by pain and no one can explain ‘why.’ I’ve been to a rhuematologist, a neurologist, my primary care, and optomologist, spent thousands of dollars for answers, taken every pill they’ve handed me, and still, I’m no better than I started. So I started looking at how I live, day to day.

My life is relatively sedentary. I work in a call center. My son and husband are both gamers and relatively ‘indoor’ type people. I’m not exercising and I’m not eating right. Thomas Edison┬ásaid, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” I started re-thinking the way I had been eating and living and decided a change needed to happen and I had to start somewhere. I signed up for my first 5k to benefit a cause near and dear to my heart, Autism. I ran that 5k after having not run a race in over 2 years, and having not ran at all in over a year. I ran on very little sleep and poor nutrition. I ran on sheer determination and will, and the absolute belief I will beat whatever is holding my body back.

After finishing that 5k, I signed up for another, then another, and today I completed my third 5k.

Exercise is great and important, but diet is vital. So I started doing research. I came across several documentaries on NetFlix about where our food comes from and alternate eating patterns. I watched Joe Cross on Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and decided then, I am going to incorporate more vegetables in my diet. I went out after work and bought a juicer and have started every day the last 6 days with a glass of Mean Green. After watching Vegucated, I’ve cut meat out of my diet. I can still see how the animals are being slaughtered and feel the damage done to our environment by their manufacturing and I want no part of it. The abuse that happens to not only the animals, but the humans who work in those factories is appalling. It’s not the life I want. I’ve lived the way mainstream society says is correct and I take 7 medications to prove it. After all, the medical field doesn’t want healthy people, they can’t make any money off them. One news anchor said, ‘they want the person who is alive, sort of, with one or more chronic diseases,’ because, that is where they make their money.

I’ve ate all the foods I’ve been told to eat for so long and never gotten better, so now I’m trying a different way. I’m choosing to bypass meat so I am not contributing to the destruction of our planet and the inhumane treatment of animals. I’m not saying I’ll never eat meat again, if I can find a local farmer who treats their animals humanely and slaughters them in a way that doesn’t lead to me eating all the stress hormones they released before they met their fate, then I may consider meat again. My eyes have been opened. I am changing my life because I want to be there for my son. I want to see him grow up and grow older. I want to see what adulthood has in store for him. If his autism prevents him from living alone, I want to be healthy enough to be a support and not a burden. I don’t want it to take 8 full grown men to carry my casket because I let my weight go so badly. I don’t want to hurt anymore. I don’t want to give all my money to doctors anymore. I don’t want to label my lifestyle as something I’m ‘trying to do’ or ‘trying to be,’ I’m not saying that I will be 100% Vegan, but I sure as heck will be closer to Vegan than not. Yes, this change has happened suddenly, and I’m all in. Most importantly, I don’t judge you for not living this way. These are my choices and these are my ‘why’s.’ I am more than willing to share what I’ve learned and support you in the decisions you’ve made. I do ask you respect this choice and understand how important it is to me, even if it is not to you. At the end of the day, I’m doing what I feel is best for me and my body, because in 30 years, when Trenton gets to wherever he’s going or becomes whatever he wants to be, I want to be there.