Dear Reader and New Friend:

My name is Mandy Pass. I am 29 years old, happily married (most of the time), and I have a beautiful son, Trenton, who is 7 years old. I recently became a supervisor at an incredible company and am learning how to lead people and motivate change. About a year ago, my son was diagnosed with autism and I began to struggle with depression. It was a time of great change in our family and I did not cope very well. I got to a point where I would sleep for days on end and withdrew from my family and friends. Finally, my husband encouraged me to see a counselor. Working with the counselor has forced me to face many of my beliefs and fears, determine the ‘why’s’ that motivate me, and overcome many obstacles.

My life has not been easy. I was molested as a child, I have faced strained relationships with my parents, I have battled anger, depression, and a deep rooted fear of abandonment. Despite the challenges I have faced, I have managed to become successful, becoming one of the youngest supervisors in my business, an effective advocate for my son, a loving and loyal wife, and a supportive, reliable family member. I have achieved an Associate’s degree and have applied to start working towards my Bachelor’s. Most importantly, I have developed a relationship with God that allows me to trust his plan and love others unconditionally.

I still have so much to learn. In the last year I have grown more than I ever imagined, which brings me back to why I’m here. I invite you to laugh, cry, pray, vent, and believe with me. I pray that my words have a positive effect on your day, your life, and inspire you to achieve your own dreams. I ask that you always read my words with positive intent, as it is never my goal to offend someone. I also ask that you keep an open mind, we don’t have to share identical beliefs to gain something from each other. In return, I will also keep an open mind and always assume positive intent in what you share. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here to support me in this journey.

With love,